[1.46GB] Spoiled brat rejects your pathetic V-Day - Venus Lo

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spoiled-brat-rejects-your-pathetic-v-day-venus-lo.mp4 [1.46GB] - Don't you just love it when you spend every waking minute of your life working your ass off, taking on full 8-hour shifts and some overtime to push your check to it's maximum just to impress a spoiled bratty bitch like me? Stress yourself out with a 14 day, 336 hour countdown... starting Feb 1st, edging closer and closer to submit and watch the priceless reaction on my gorgeous face as I open up your valentine's day present first thing in the morning only to find an unimpressed and ever so unattainable brat verbally humiliating you after realizing how much you fucked up with such a pathetic gift. Valentines? MY special day? Trust me, you'll regret ever underestimating what I deserve. You'll work endlessly on and on, over and over again, shift after shift, sleepless night into sleepless night trying to reclaim your importance and position in my life. Good luck, one strike, three strikes and you're out. XOXO

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