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best-friend-rp-undertabithastoes.mp4 [3.75GB] - POV: You and your bestie have been wasting away the days resting, eating and binge watching TV, but she's sooooo bored and starts complaining that you need to come up with something to do. Scrambling for any kind of "activity" you start throwing out more TV series to watch. She rolls her eyes, so you ask her what her idea is, she MUST have one considering she doesn't like any of your suggestions. It takes her a while to ponder the question when finally it's like a lightbulb goes off!! "I know!" she says excited, "Remember when we made that pact to try any weird sexual thing with one another if we were scared to try it with anyone else??" gulp You remember the conversation well, and you never thought this day would come. Suddenly your mind is flooded with all the dirty things you wanna do to your best friend because, well she said you could... when you hear it... "I wanna try foot stuff..." Nooo, no no, it can't be feet, you HATE feet. There's absolutely nothing she could possibly do with her feet that would turn you on, let alone get you off.... or is there? Best friend convinces you to try out foot stuff for the first time, for both of you! Lots of cute teasing, self worship and a simulated FJ And yes, this bitch is 20 min long. ENJOY!

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